People Released from Prison Under First Step Act Join Judiciary Hearing

Early-release recipients of the First Step Act joined by family members and loved ones of those still behind bars with #cut50 National Organizer, Louis L. Reed (far right)

“Today is a day of restoration and healing for me and my family. It’s a time to make my voice heard and to remove the veil of invisibility that surrounds so many of us who are affected by the criminal justice system. For those who are left to feel dehumanized, I say rise and stand up straight. You were not made to be pressed down but to blossom into greatness. Today is a day of rebirth not only for me but for the many women and men who have lost their value and place in society. Again I say rise.”

#cut50 National Organizer Louis L. Reed photographing Clover Perez and others directly impacted by the First Step Act with supporting family members at the hearing.

A national bipartisan initiative to smartly and safely reduce our incarcerated population. Co-Founded by @VanJones68, a program of the Dream Corps.

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