Why I Dedicated Myself to Passing a Bill in Tennessee – and How I Did it.

Me (right) – alongside co-authors of the Tennessee Dignity Act, Senator Katrina Robinson and Representative Harold Love Jr.

I was humiliated in front of correctional officers, stripped of my dignity and forced to succumb to punitive laws that made me feel inferior to others. Although I’ve been out of prison for years, I’m still suffering from the time I spent inside, which is why I’m fighting alongside my sisters for Dignity for Incarcerated Women.

Representative Harold Love, TN Dignity Co-Ambassador Clemmie Greenlee, Senator Katrina Robinson, and myself all alongside Tennessee Governor Bill Lee as he signed the Dignity Act into law.



A national bipartisan initiative to smartly and safely reduce our incarcerated population. Co-Founded by @VanJones68, a program of the Dream Corps.

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